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Called to Icky Places(June 19, 2016)

Reflecting on the story in which Jesus encounters a man overtaken by demons whose name is “Legion”, Rev. Daniel reflects upon difficult events in the past week and asserts that Christians today may be called to go to “Icky Places”.

Luke 8:26-39


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The Latest from the Pastoral weblog:

(June 22, 2016)

Rev. Ben has been at General Assembly in Oregon the first part of this week. He returned today – welcome home! Read the Rest...

The Latest from the Family Living weblog (Talitha's Take):

The Language of Complicity(June 22, 2016)

Dear friends, How are you doing? It’s a nasty world out there right now. We are coming up on Pride Weekend (at least, Pride as it is celebrated in SF, though other cities celebrate other weekends) and I can’t help but think how different it is from last year. Last year the Supreme Court had […] Read the Rest...