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Join Us For Celebration:

peace In celebration this Sunday (September 21) we will focus on the relationship between peacemaking and caring for the earth. Read the Rest...


Special Event:

Three Author Talks in September

Book talk microphone photoWe're thrilled to be hosting three author-led book talks in September: Sam Barry (Kathi Kamen Goldmark's Her Wild Oats), Louise Greenspan, MD and Juianna Deardorff, PdD (The New Puberty), and Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson (Gratitude and Trust). This is a continuation of a series of talks that has featured a range of authors including Anne Lamott, Michael Chabon, and Garry Wills. Read the Rest...

The Latest Word

From our "MPC Family" Sermon Podcast:

Peaceful Connections(September 21, 2014)

Rev. Ben Daniel draws connections between the International Day of Peace and climate change, showing how we are called to take action against the latter in order to truly achieve the former.


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The Latest from the Pastoral weblog:

No Time for Napping(September 19, 2014)

Dear Friends, Here’s a confession: sometimes it’s hard to get my Contact article in on time. Usually, this has nothing to do with finding something to say (sometimes I have writer’s block, but I am a preacher; we seldom are at a loss for words), rather, I have a hard time writing for Contact because […] Read the Rest...

The Latest from the Family Living weblog (Talitha's Take):

How Do You Grieve?(September 19, 2014)

First, the good news: Kickoff Sunday was a terrific amount of fun, and our Godly Play and Youth Group programs are full to bursting. We had 16 children between the two Godly Play classrooms, and 28 youth meant the Youth Group room was barely big enough to fit us, much less play active games in. […] Read the Rest...