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Grief Group Our church has two monthly support groups: one called Grief and Spirituality, the other Sickness and Health. Read more... Read the Rest...

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From our "MPC Family" Sermon Podcast:

We’re All Connected(April 24, 2016)

On the Sunday nearest on the calendar to Earth Day, Rev Daniel talks about living in connection with one another and the world.

Scripture – Genesis 1: 26-31


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The Latest from the Pastoral weblog:

The Spirituality of a Slow Day(April 27, 2016)

Friends, Here’s a confession. It’s not always easy to think of something pithy and spiritually moving and—well—pastoral in my “Pastor’s Pen” spot. Sometimes my mind goes blank, and sometimes it’s too full of different ideas competing for space on the page. The latter issue seems to have been the problem for me this week, and […] Read the Rest...

The Latest from the Family Living weblog (Talitha's Take):

Safe Church, Safe Children(April 20, 2016)

Our church is doing a new thing which we can all be proud of, even though it hasn’t happened yet. We’re still a month or so away, but please, consider yourself invited to puff up your chests and pat one another on the back, because we are running a training to address a very important […] Read the Rest...