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Special Event: Brunch and Bolivia Report

Come hear reports about our recent delegation trip to Bolivia and networking with our UMAVIDA partners, Nov. 30th, 11:30-1:00 in the Thornhill Room at MPC. Photos, music, food, and reporting from the edge. Come hear, see, and be fed. JHSF - 2 - Mining48 Read the Rest...


Special Event:

MPC on NBC: please watch

The Rev. Ben Daniel and our colleagues at St. John Presbyterian in Berkeley appear in this segment of investigative reporting on immigrants and refugee families living in the Bay Area, as part of the larger Sanctuary Movement.

"Sanctuary for Immigrants Comes Back to the Bay Area"

After a spike of immigration from Central America, the "Sanctuary" Movement is coming back to the Bay Area churches that helped to start it. Stephen Stock reports in a story that aired on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014. Read the Rest...


Special Event:

Montclair Presbyterian Church Dedicates New Solar Panels

Solar pointing-out-panels After two years of research and planning, the Montclair Presbyterian Church is pleased to announce the installation of 66 new solar panels on the roof of its facilities. The panels were dedicated during the Sunday worship service on November 2nd. Read the Rest...

The Latest Word

From our "MPC Family" Sermon Podcast:

Untitled Sermon: Don’t Label Me(November 16, 2014)

Guest preacher Talitha Phillips discusses Matthew’s “Parable of the Talents”, encouraging us to remove our “stained glass blinders” and understand it as Jesus’ audience — the poor, marginalized, and oppressed — would have done.


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The Latest from the Pastoral weblog:

Saints of Shrewsbury(November 21, 2014)

Friends, For my contribution to the Contact this week, I’m sending you something I wrote while sitting in the library of the Iona Abbey. As I wrote this, the howling wind was lashing rain against the leaded glass window that afforded me a wonderful view across the water to the Isle of Mull. I’m sure […] Read the Rest...

The Latest from the Family Living weblog (Talitha's Take):

Stained Glass Blinders(November 21, 2014)

In my sermon this week I talked about stained glass blinders, which seems to have struck a chord with many of you. It seems most of us have these blinders near at hand, even if we manage to take them off sometimes. It’s almost impossible not to have them. Stained glass blinders are those things […] Read the Rest...