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Pastor’s Bible Study

Bible Study Join Us If you ever you have wanted to learn more about the Bible—not just as a document used to excuse bad behavior, but as an ancient, many-layered, sometimes beautiful, sometimes awful text made holy by centuries of the faithful who have found comfort, hope and inspiration in its pages, then the Pastor’s Bible Study is for you. Read the Rest...


Special Event:

August Barbecue Sunday Nights

August Sundays Banner SmallMontclair Presbyterian Church invites you to join our joyful worship at 5 p.m. followed by a tasty BBQ, each Sunday in August. First, we’ll celebrate, contemplate, and sing (loudly!), then dig into delectable savories and sweets sponsored by our church family. Bring veggies or fruit from your garden to share, and definitely bring your kids... Read the Rest...


Special Event:

Fresh Produce Available

Our neighborhood now has a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up point for Phat Beets produce. Thanks to a partnership between Thornhill Elementary and Phat Beets, fresh organic produce is available right across the street from our church! photo CSA boxes are a subscription service where you pre-pay for several weeks, and each week you pick up a box full of whatever produce is in season. You get a great deal, and the farmers get stability in knowing they will have consistent customers. Read the Rest...


Special Event:

Three Author Talks in September

Book talk microphone photoWe're thrilled to be hosting three author-led book talks in September: Sam Barry (Kathi Kamen Goldmark's Her Wild Oats), Louise Greenspan, MD and Juianna Deardorff, PdD (The New Puberty), and Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson (Gratitude and Trust). This is a continuation of a series of talks that has featured a range of authors including Anne Lamott, Michael Chabon, and Garry Wills. Read the Rest...

The Latest Word

From our "MPC Family" Sermon Podcast:

A Tale of Two Rocks(August 31, 2014)

Looking at the book of Matthew as a literary work Rev. Daniel observes that the events portrayed in today’s scripture fall mid-way in the author’s recounting of Jesus’ adult ministry and represent a turning point. Looking at the key figure, Peter the “Rock”, Rev. Daniel challenges the listener to consider how this example might inform Christians today.


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The Latest from the Pastoral weblog:

“Let’s Walk Together”(August 27, 2014)

Friends, At the end of June I wrote in this column about the positive experience I had walking thought East Oakland with an ecumenical group of people who long for peace and economic prosperity in our city’s poorest neighborhoods. The walk symbolized our commitment to build relationships with and to work alongside our neighbors who […] Read the Rest...

The Latest from the Family Living weblog (Talitha's Take):

My Ordination Process(August 27, 2014)

Some of you have asked more about my ordination process, so I want to update you. I am really thrilled about the outpouring of support for my ministry here and I do appreciate that many of you are eager to see the process completed. I love working here and look forward to solidifying a long-term […] Read the Rest...