October 14, 2010

Montclair Presbyterian Church…

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October 14, 2010

Preaching Schedule: This Sunday,Oct 17 Scott Clark will preach.  Scott was the attorney representing Rev. Jane Spahr in her trial in August.  Rev. Spahr was tried in ecclesiastical court in the Redwoods Presbytery for marrying same-gender couples during the period that it was legal under state law.

Oct 24 Rev. Kathy Ray will preach

Oct 31 Rev Beth Wheeler, our newly-called interim pastor, will preach.

YOUTH GROUP meets this Sunday 7-9 PM in room 2.

SUSAN HUNN will be away Oct. 13-26. TALITHA will be covering children and youth programs (Talitha@mpcfamily.org) except Oct. 23-26 when she will be away.

Our newest staff member,TALITHA PHILLIPS, is featured in an article in the October Presbyterian Today, which talks about her work as a young adult within our denomination. If you do not subscribe to the magazine, you can check it out at

http://gamc.pcusa.org/ministries/today/best-blogs/ Keep up the good work, Talitha.

Leonard’s ordination! Leonard Nielson is being ordained here at MPC on the afternoon of October 17 at 2:00PM.  We will celebrate in the Family Room after the official service. Debbie Fallehy will be coordinating the refreshments & would prefer monetary contributions to be used toward the purchase of the food (please mark checks “Reception Food”) Questions – please call the office.

Gift for Leonard:.This is a chance for us to let him know how much he means to us.  If you would like to contribute toward a gift please mark checks “gift for Leonard.”

Be a good neighbor: Please remember to turn off the lights at the end of your meetings.  The lights in Room 1 of the Education Building shine into our Grisborne neighbors’ bedroom window.”


Kathleen Donnell is grieving the loss of her dear mother, Sue Donnell.  She passed away peacefully in her sleep at her nursing home in Escondido, CA.  Cards and calls to Kathleen are appreciated.

Please keep Tom Eelkema in your thoughts and prayers. He will be undergoing hernia surgery.

Save the date, Sunday, October 24, a brunch to celebrate and hear Polly Johnson talk about her new book, CULTIVATING COMPASSION, 11:30 in the Thornhill room. Polly has taught Life Stories classes to almost 100 MPC’ers over 12 years. Her book explores her experiences on both giving and receiving compassion. Companions and Storytellers are co-sponsoring the event.

Dear MPC,

Mark and I have felt embraced by you from the time we showed up last year, and it has been fun to be a part of such a lively, vibrant, and interesting congregation. Yet recently, when my mom died, I felt embraced in a different way — a quiet and compassionate way. In spite of the way we move so often — or even perhaps because of it –the outpouring of sympathy to Mark and me on the loss of my mom was especially meaningful coming from you, our friends of faith at home. Many thanks and blessings to you, Jan Smith


The Men’s Team Fall Retreat is this weekend: We will meet Friday night and Saturday at Swan’s Common House in Oakland. Bobbie Moore was a principal organizer of the Men’s Retreat and Swan’s was where he lived. MPC men are invited. Contact Phil Reagan for information: preagan@mindspring.com 510-842-8191.

PRAYER LIST: We would like to start a Prayer List at our church that could be accessed by those who want either to ask for prayers or to pray for those in need. It might be an email that is circulated to a group who asks to be included. It would not be an openly-accessible document such as Contact.

We welcome your ideas about how this might be handled. Please contact Christine@MPCFamily.org with your comments. We’ll let you know as soon as we set up the process. Thank you.

FAITH TRIO HARVEST DINNER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16,  5:30 to 9:00 PM, the ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER, 1433 Madison St., Oakland. (510) 832-7600 x1433.  MPC’ers, please bring desserts for 8-10 persons as part of our potluck contribution.  Between dinner and dessert, we’ll have an Interfaith Prayer Exchange in which a representative of each congregation will read a prayer (in English) of another tradition than its own to symbolize our solidarity with each other.  Hand-out sheets will facilitate following the prayers (and studying them afterward).  Also, we want to choose just the right hymn to represent us.  Give your hymn suggestions to Jean Mudge:  Jeanmudge@comcast.net.

CALLING ALL POTTERS/CERAMICISTS OF ALL AGES!! The Art Gang invites you to share your clay works with the MPC family for fun and amazement on Halloween Sunday, October 31. We’ll set up the exhibit in the Family room on Saturday October 30 for viewing at coffee hour the next day. Children’s work will have a special table. Please contact Elsa Wollenweber or Virginia Poulton.

There will be VOTER INFORMATION on the ballot measures for the November 2nd election during Family Hour, both non partisan and advocacy.  You are welcome to bring your own advocacy materials for the table. For personalized ballot information, go to www.smartvoter.org

The California Council of Churches IMPACT, of which our denomination is a member, offers the following recommendations for your thoughtful consideration. Please go to www.churchimpact.org to see their explanations. They have a lengthy statement on Prop. 19, regarding legalizing marijuana.

Proposition 19: YES

Proposition 20: YES

Proposition 21: YES

Proposition 22: NO

Proposition 23: NO

Proposition 24: YES

Proposition 25: YES

Proposition 26: NO

Proposition 27: NO

OCO of which we are a member congregation strongly supports a YES vote on Measure BB and Measure L on the Oakland ballot.

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Office Hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM

Leonard Nielson, Interim Head of Staff: Office hours Tuesday 9-4:00, other times by appt.

Susan Hunn, Associate for Children & Youth: Office hours Tues-Thurs 9:30-2:30 pm

Christine Stickever- Peterson, Associate in Communications & Logistics: Office hours Tues. – Friday 9:00-4:00pm

Kim Rankin, Associate in Music

Talitha Phillips, Children and Youth

Marcia Roy, Organist

Gil & Maria Chiguila, Caretakers

Rev. John Hadsell, Theologian in Residence

Rev. Kathy Ray, Parish Associate