September 29, 2010

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September 29, 2010

THIS SUNDAY, OCT. 3, is our first Family Sunday. Our Youth Group and Children will lead the celebration. The Youth will present their Mission trip slideshow and serve communion. Some of our children will provide special music with the new Orff Instruments. There will also be other special activities of interest to our children. Susan Hunn, Talitha Phillips and Mark Smith coordinate the morning.


The YOUTH GROUP will meet for PIZZA at 11:45 at Roundtable, 2854 Mountain Blvd. Bring about $10 for food.This takes the place of the Sun. eve. meeting.

Leonard’s ordination! Leonard Nielson is being ordained here at MPC on the afternoon of October 17. at 2:00 PM.  We will celebrate in the Family Room after the official service. Debbie Fallehy will be coordinating the refreshments & would prefer monetary contributions to be used toward the purchase of the food (please mark checks “Reception Food”) Questions – please contact Christine Peterson or Debbie Fallehy.

Gifts for Rebecca and Leonard: Rebecca is leaving, and Leonard is being ordained. This is a chance for us to let them know how much they mean to us.  If you would like to contribute toward gifts toward either or both of them, please send your check to the office, marked “gift for Rebecca,” or “gift for Leonard.”

WE WELCOME OUR NEW SEMESTER’S GODLY PLAY TEACHERS. It is always exciting to see so many continuing with the class as well as new volunteers. We very much appreciate their commitment to our children.  AGE 4 – GRADE 3: Courtney Blair, Suzanne Jones, Shelley Klop, Carrie and Megan McKiernan (youth), Chris Singer (youth). 4-6 GRADE: Cathy Sharp, Linda Spencer, Leslie Louie, Talitha Phillips, Stacy Canzeroni (youth), Tami Driver.


We have very sad news for our church family. Bobbie Moore passed away today from a massive heart attack while riding his bike. A celebration of his life will be held at our church this Monday, Oct. 4, at 6:30 PM. If you would like to contribute food for the reception please bring an appetizer or dessert. Please keep his wife Marilynn, as well as his family, in your prayers.

CULTIVATING COMPASSION BRUNCH. Save the date, Sunday, October 24, a brunch to celebrate and hear Polly Johnson talk about her new book, Cultivating Compassion. 11:30 in the Thornhill Room.


Who’s making your coffee? You might see me at the coffee/tea table on most Sunday mornings, but MPC has a team of “Baristas” making sure you have fresh hot coffee & tea on Sunday mornings.  Please thank Marilynn & Bobbie Moore, Diane Bessette, and Linda Spencer when you see them.  Debbie Fallehy – Kitchen Coordinator

Entertainment Books for 2011 are here and on sale.The Entertainment book is chock full of hundreds of coupons—you’ll have lots of choices for restaurants, theaters, travel, shopping, movies…just all kinds of ways to save money, have some fun, and help Pastor Sirirat’s Orphanage.  Watch for the E-Books table in the Family Room.  If you’d like to reserve a book, call Bill Neely (531-1361). Sponsored by the Global Concerns Committee.

Come to our next Social Justice Forum, Stop the Violence! presented by the Community Connection Committee on Friday, October 8th at 6:45 PM.  The choir will stir up the energy for the 7 PM panel discussion on Oakland’s ballot Measure BB (formerly Measure Y Amendment) featuring a representative from the Police Department, Directors of Measure Y programs, and young men whose lives have been changed as a result of these crime reduction and prevention actions.  Our mayoral candidates will respond to the urgency of passing this measure (a two-thirds majority vote needed).  There will be refreshments and discussion following the presentation.  Childcare upon request. Contact Jean Gregory, (510) 635-8838 or

PRAYER LIST. We would like to start a Prayer List at our church that could be accessed by those who want either to ask for prayers or pray for those in need. It might be an email that is circulated to a group who asks to be included. It would not be an openly-accessible document such as Contact.

We welcome your ideas about how this might be handled. Please contact with your comments. We’ll let you know as soon as we set up the process. Thank you.

FAITH TRIO HARVEST DINNER, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16,  5:30 to 9:00 PM, the ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER, 1433 Madison St., Oakland. (510) 832-7600 x1433.  MPC’ers, please bring desserts for 8-10 persons as part of our potluck contribution.  Between dinner and dessert, we’ll have an Interfaith Prayer Exchange in which a representative of each congregation will read a prayer (in English) of another tradition than its own to symbolize our solidarity with each other.  Hand-out sheets will facilitate following the prayers (and studying them afterward).  Also, we want to choose just the right hymn to represent us.  Give your hymn suggestions to Jean Mudge:


DANCING: We Presbyterians don’t “dance for the Lord” as a tradition, but it’s a great way to express joy at life even if you have two left feet, so if you can spare four Monday evenings at 7:30  to dance with Marilynn Moore, you can call Marjorie Moser 510-632-9868 this week

WE HAVE TALES TO TELL: If you are looking for a daytime class, here is a chance to meet and tell each other your stories under Sharon’s capable leadership.  If you are thinking about what aging means, here is a place to share.  Friday mornings, 10-11:30, Thornhill Room.  Make sure to signup with Jean Gregory, 510-635-8838,  Starting October 8 for six weeks.

BIBLE STUDY will meet Wednesday from 1 to 2:30 in the Thornhill Room. Join us. Next week’s readings include OT Jeremiah 19:1, 4-7; Psalm 66:1-2; NT Tim 2:8-15; Luke 17:8-15. All are welcome! Join us. Blessings, Peggy Alter

For all other classes, please call the convener or write to me at

Information is available on the MPC website. Hard Copies  Available in the Family Room

CLOSE TO HOME EVENT: Who Killed Off the Oysters of SF Bay? An Ecological Detective Story.  Monday, October 4, 2010,7:30 P.M. Family Room   It is common knowledge that the massive beds of native oysters that were once hugely abundant in San Francisco Bay were wiped out in the 19th Century, and efforts are underway to try to restore them. But what actually killed the oysters off? When exactly did they disappear? And what are our chances of bringing them back? Marine Biologist Andrew Cohenwill take you along on a search for the truth about San Francisco Bay’s native oysters, with excursions into history, biology, geology and archaeology. The answers are not what people expected.
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