New Children’s Program This Summer!

We are excited to offer a new children’s program this summer based on Praying in Color, a book by Sybil MacBeth, published in 2009.

Prayer is the way we spend time with God. People often describe prayer as a conversation. Conversation includes both talking and listening. We talk to God and we listen to God in our prayers… Praying WITHOUT Words is another option. One day I was doodling on my back porch with colored markers and pens. Without realizing it, I wrote the names of one of my friends on my prayer list in the doddle. When the drawing was finished, I knew I had prayed. I had offered my friend into God’s care without words. (Praying in Colors, 2009)

Each week we greet your child at the door, and invite them to a welcoming circle with song.
After that, we will explore different topics related to prayer, for example: what is prayer or what are names we use for God? Then each child will be invited into the wonderful Praying in Color process by working with art materials. This prayer time is very similar to our Godly Play art response time. Praying in Colors includes the use of vivid colors, doddle drawings, and the names of people or situations each child is praying for. We will close our time together by sharing feast, joys and worries, and saying good-bye until next time.

Our teachers this summer are: Courtney Blair, Suzanne Jones, Linda Spencer, Cindy Gullikson, and Rev. Katie Morrison. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our summer schedule begins June 24th and ends on September 2nd. Godly Play will resume on Sept. 9th.