Coordinators and Interest Groups

On this page are contact names for many off the ongoing activities of the congregation.

  • Birthday Celebration: Debbie Fallehy
  • Book Depot Coordinator: Gretchen Hayes
  • Communion: Marilee Bailey & Karen Gibson
  • CD Reproduction: Eloise Gilland
  • Companions: Francie Chan
  • E-Script: Marilyn Moore
  • Facilities: Bob Roat
  • Flowers: Lynn Suer
  • Giving to the World: Sari Kulberg & Sarah Clark
  • Greeters: Marilyn Moore & Anita Bowers
  • H.A.R.T: Stan Stevens
  • Helping Hands: Carol Wollenson
  • Human Resources:
  • Kitchen: Debbie Fallehy
  • Lay Leaders: Peggy Alter
  • More Light: Lori Kendall
  • Sound System: Allen Todd, Lori Kendall, Brad Hestir, & Linda Spencer
  • Phone numbers and email are in the online Directory.